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Carpet Cleaning

CCS works with the Prochem(™) Steampro Powerflo industrial carpet cleaning machine, giving optimum results.

We offer a great quality of cleaning which is better than our competition due to our investment in great technology and products, that is also:

  • Pet and child friendly 

  • Hygienic

  • Dodorising

  • Drys quickly (wool carpets will take longer to dry)

In addition we also have the following services available:

  • Fumigation

  • Urine nutralisers

  • Upholstery cleaning


There are no gimmicks or hidden cost with CCS.  We charge £25 per room up to 5X5m. For larger rooms we charge £1 extra per square meter. Minimum charge £50.

If you've been quoted cheaper, you may need to ask the question about the quality of both the machinery and products a competitor are using.  The results an industrial cleaning machine will buy you vs an off the shelf machine are huge!

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